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Thy Primordial - Under Iskall Trollmåne - 1998

Under Iskall Trollmåne cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Gothic Records
October 1998

Released by Gothic Records in Summer 1998 limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.
Re-released by World War III in Fall 2001 with a different cover.

Isidor - Vocals
Mikael Andersson - Guitar
Nisse Nilsson - Guitar
Jonas Albrektsson - Bass
Morth - Drums

Songs 1-4 were recorded and mixed at ABF Studio by Morth and Thy Primordial in
June, 1995.
Songs 7-9 were recorded and mixed at Hypersonic Studio by Patrik Jonsson and Thy
Primordial in February/March, 1995.

All music and lyrics by Thy Primordial.

Cover shown below is the original one, from the Gothic Records release.

This was supposed to be the debut full-length by Thy Primordial, but due label
delays it ended up being released only after "Where Only The Seasons Mark The
Paths Of Time" (which was supposed to be the second album) had been already
recorded and released by another label.
1.Mitt sökandes ritual08:46
2.Den ondes klor05:30
3.Under iskall trollmåne04:28
5.De viskande trädens skog04:56
6.Bortom nattsvart himmel05:05
7.De mörka makters alle04:33
8.The Impression of War04:01
9.Mörkrets fäste03:32
Total playing time44:59


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