viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

Azaghal (Fin) - Black Metal War - Split 2002

Black Metal War cover (Click to see larger picture)

Split, Dragonthrone Productions

Available on CD-r. 500 copies made.
Azaghal (Fin)
1.Verta Ja Vuohenspermaa09:04
2.Uudenlainen Melankolia04:56
3.Black Metal War03:58
Misanthropy (USA)
4.My Enemies All Die Slowly03:52
5.Skull Fucking Chaos03:36
6.Total Destruction03:43
7.Daylight Dies01:36
8.Black Legions of Satan04:29
9.I Am the Antichrist05:22
10.The Whore05:41
Total playing time46:17


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