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Thy Primordial - At the World of Untrodden Wonder - 1999

At the World of Untrodden Wonder cover (Click to see larger  picture)
Full-length, Pulverised Records
September 1999

J. Albrektsson - bass
N. Nilsson - guitar
Isidor - vocals
M. Andersson - guitar
Morth - drums

Recorded at Sunlight Studios during August, 1997.
Engineered by Fred Estby and Tomas Skogsberg.
Mixed at Sunlight Studios by Tomas Skogsberg and Thy Primordial.
Produced by Thy Primordial.
Mastered at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden.

The song "For Fires To Burn" was included in the double-CD compilation "A
Tribute To Hell - Satanic Rites" released by Full Moon Productions.
1.For Fires to Burn04:37
2.Once on Fortunes Throne05:43
3.The Fatal Journey04:52
4.At the World of Untrodden Wonder05:33
5.Departure - Astray in Spirit04:41
6.Amongst the Chosen Lost06:14
7.The Burden of Time04:32
8.To Ruin and Decay05:37
9.My Beloved Darkness03:52
10.Revealed Throughout the Ages05:22
Total playing time51:04


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