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Impaled Nazarene - Suomi Finland Perkele - 1994

Full-length, Osmose
October 16th, 1994

Kimmo Luttinen - Drums, guitar
Mika Luttinen - Vocals
Taneli Jarva - Bass
Jarno Anttila - Guitar

Recorded at Tico Tico music studio, Kemi, Finland on July 1994
Produced by Impaled Nazarene & Ahti "Voi Vittu" Kortelainen
Sir Luttinen dedicates this LP to himself and thanks himself
"Total War" part influenced by NON
"Winter War" dedicated to those glorious who died by red scum

This was released as three different coloured digipaks, gold on black, black on
gold and black on silver, with them in order from easiest to the hardest to

Re-released in 2001 by Osmose Productions with Motorpenis MCD as bonus tracks.

Warning - Osmose CD presses dating from February 2001 and later may contain a
copy-protection method which renders the CD completely unreadable in PCs and
certain modern Hi-Fi systems. This isn't indicated anywhere on the packaging.
2.Vitutuksen Multihuipennus02:10
3.Blood Is Thicker Than Water03:30
5.Total War - Winter War03:46
6.Quasb / The Burning04:07
7.Kuolema Kaikille (Paitsi Meille)00:50
8.Let's Fucking Die02:34
11.The Oath of the Goat04:03
Total playing time30:02


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