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Judas Iscariot - Thy Dying Light [1996]

Thy Dying Light cover (Click to see larger picture)

All music written and performed by Akhenaten.
Recorded by Akhenaten in March, 1996.

Reissued in 2000 with bonus video of "The Heavens Drop With Human Gore" live.

LP version released in 2001 by Sombre Records, limited to 350 hand-numbered
copies, contains only 7 tracks (all except tracks 5 & 8) and a different cover
1....But Eternals Beheld His Vast Forests07:59
2....His Eternal Life, Like a Dream Was Obliterated09:14
3....Helpless It Lay, Like a Worm in His Frozen Track10:54
4....Behold, Our Race of Unstoppable Genius03:52
5....From His Woven Darkness Above04:24
6....Writhing Upon the Wind of Mystic Philosophy04:46
7....They Saw His Pale Visage Emerge From the Darkness04:28
8....Thy Dying Light and Desolate Darkness05:42
9....Arise, My Lord of Infernal Wisdom00:39
Total playing time51:58

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Judas Iscariot (US) - The Cold Earth Slept Below... (1996)

Re-recorded in 2004 with a session drummer for a special vinyl release on Sombre
Records that never happened. A bootleg vinyl exist of it though, limited to 100
1.Damned Below Judas05:23
4.The Cold Earth Slept Below05:08
5.Midnight Frost04:05
6.Ye Blessed Creatures04:59
Total playing time43:51

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Judas Iscariot - Arise, My Lord (1996) EP

Arise, My Lord cover (Click to see larger picture)
7" EP limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
1.The Wind Stands Silent05:06
2.The Black Clouds Roll Under the Parapet of the Sky05:58
Total playing time11:04

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Judas Iscariot - Demo 1993

Only available as tape.

Re-released on the "None Shall Escape the Wrath" split, with an additional outro
1.Babylon in Ruin06:42
2.Unholy Victory03:39
3.In Den Qualen der Hölle02:57
4.The Cold Earth06:14
Total playing time19:32


Judas Iscariot - Heidegger (1992) Demo

The name giver, Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) was a German philosopher, famous
contributor of the phenomenological movement. Under the WWII he seriously got
into Nazism, for which he were later perpetually banned of teaching at
universities. Heidegger is thought by many to be one of the greatest
philosophers in the 20th century.
Total playing time07:29


Pass: cirithgorgor

Xasthur - All Reflections Drained [2009]

Malefic (Scott Conner) - All Instruments, Vocals

Limited cassette edition (500 copies) includes pins and patch.

Some CDs come with a bonus disc with the following tracklisting:

1. Torment (4:54)
2. Aura of Denial (4:45)
3. Fleshcrawl (0:44)
4. Concealed Barren Thoughts (6:08)
5. Released from this Earth (4:58)
6. Untitled (5:54)
7. A Living Hell (3:00)
8. Trauma Will Always Linger (14:20)
9. Jomfrulysets Fall (6:13)
1.Dirge Forsaken05:41
2.Maze Of Oppression05:13
3.Achieve Emptiness, Pt. 204:39
4.Masquerade Of Incisions15:33
5.Damage Your Soul04:52
6.Inner Sanctum Surveillance07:02
7.Obfuscated In Oblivion05:25
8.All Reflections Drained07:57
Total playing time56:42


Black Circle / Xasthur - A Living Hell [2008] Split

A Living Hell cover (Click to see larger picture)

Limited to 888 handnumbered copies & first 244 copies in yellow vinyl + limited
Black Circle (Swe)
1.As Fire Scourged the Heavens05:43
Xasthur (US)
2.A Living Hell02:50
3.The Southernmost Voyage (Tiamat cover)03:08
Total playing time11:41


Xasthur - Defective Epitaph [2007]

Japan exclusive bonus disc released by Daymare Records.
Cat. nr. of his edition: DYMC-042

1.Untitled / Unreleased
2.Untitled / Unreleased
3.Morder Gjenklang av Tankegangen
4.Funerals Drenched in Apathy / Soulless Elegy (First Attempt)
5.Awakening to the Unknown Perception of Evil (Second Attempt)
New Idea Society / The World Is Bright and Lonely
1.Soulless Elegy02:42
2.Purgatory Spiral04:29
3.Cemetery of Shattered Masks06:03
4.Malignant Prophecy05:40
5.Oration of Ruin07:23
6.Legacy of Human Irrelevance05:36
7.Dehumanizing Procession04:52
8.Funerals Drenched in Apathy05:29
9.Worship (The War Against) Yourself07:34
10.A Memorial to the Waste of Life08:44
11.The Only Blood That Pours is Yours08:15
12.Unblessed Be08:13
Total playing time01:15:00


Cryostasium / Xasthur / Split [2007]

Regular edition (black vinyl, no poster) limited to 1000 copies.

Special edition (grey opaque vinyl, with poster exclusive to the release)
limited to 200 copies.

Contains material exclusive to this release
Xasthur (US)
2.The Eye Upon the Throne (Part II)07:22
Total playing time14:56


Xasthur / Striborg [2007]

7" EP limited to 1000 copies, 800 on clear vinyl and 200 on grey vinyl. The grey
vinyl version is available through mailorder only, and comes with a grey T-shirt
made exclusively for this release.
Xasthur (US)
1.A Tortured Shallow Grave06:32
2.The Epitome of Misanthropy06:17
Total playing time12:48


Xasthur - Xasthur [2006] EP

Xasthur cover (Click to see larger picture)
Last release for Moribund Records.
Keyboards on track #1 by Blood Moon Ausar

Also released as a vinyl version, with black and green vinyl, each limited to
500 copies.
2.Bubonic Plague06:24
3.Doomed By Howling Winds ('05)10:36
Total playing time24:15


Xasthur - Subliminal Genocide [2006]

Subliminal Genocide cover (Click to see larger picture)

Recorded in 2004-2005.

Difference between the official version and the promo 2005 are:
Final mastering.
Two tracks were deleted, part 7 and part 8.
Five new tracks are added, track 3, 5, 6, 8, 11.
Track 4 is a different version.

2xLP released in March 2007 with a bonus track:
Frozen [Lycia cover] (Mark Hunter of Nostalgia on vocals), limited to 1000
copies: on black vinyl, grey with black splatter & clear with red splatter.
Picture disc version is limited to 100 copies.

Subliminal Genocide is released on tape through THR limited to 500 pro tapes.
1.Disharmonic Convergence01:50
2.The Prison of Mirrors12:42
3.Beauty is Only Razor Deep07:00
4.Trauma Will Always Linger08:29
5.Pyramid of Skulls02:36
6.Arcane and Misanthropic Projection09:40
7.Victim of Your Dreams06:12
8.Through a Trance of Despondency03:30
9.Loss and Inner Distortion04:04
10.Subliminal Genocide08:49
11.Malice Hidden in Surrealism06:37
Total playing time01:10:24


Nortt / Xasthur / Split [2004]

CD limited to 1000 copies.
Re-issued on CD & LP by Southern Lord Records with different artwork.
LP version is limited to 1000 copies: 300 on clear vinyl and 700 on black vinyl.
The Xasthur part has a different mix.
1.Hedengangen (Intro)01:54
3.Død og borte05:53
4.Dystert Sind (Outro)02:21
Xasthur (US)
5.A Curse for the Lifeless04:28
6.Blood From the Roots of the Forest10:24
7.Lurking in Silence04:24
Total playing time37:05


Leviathan (US) / Xasthur / Split / [2004]

Leviathan / Xasthur cover (Click to see larger picture)

Drums on "Instrumental" by Wrest (Leviathan).
LP limited to 500 copies.

Battle Kommand Records has released the split on CD (BKR006) with bonus tracks
not available on the LP version in December 2005.


Xasthur - Achieve Emptiness (2:53)
Xasthur - Telepathic With The Deceased (Rehearsal 11/04) (6:02)
Xasthur - Palace Of Frost (Katatonia Cover) (4:06)
Leviathan - Where The Winter Beats Incessant (Judas Iscariot Cover) (11:56)
Leviathan (US)
1.Unfailing Fall Into Naught10:30
2.The Remotest Cipher (Beside the Last Breath Banished)08:10
Xasthur (US)
3.The Eerie Bliss and Torture (Of Solitude)04:35
4.Keeper of Sharpened Blades (And Ominous Fates)05:00
5.Conjuration of Terror07:15
Total playing time39:06


Xasthur - To Violate the Oblivious [2004]

To Violate the Oblivious cover (Click to see larger picture)
Moribund Cult released a re-mastered US pressing of this album in 2005 with
added bonus track:
10. Reflecting Hateful Energy (5:51)

Perverted Taste released the double LP (limited to 500 copies) with additional
bonus track:
11. At the Pagan Samhain [Graveland cover] (8:10)
2.Xastur Within06:14
3.Dreams Blacker Than Death05:24
4.Screaming At Forgotten Fears08:24
5.Consumed By a Dark Paranoia03:40
6.Marked By Shadows06:43
7.Apparitional Void of Failure04:37
8.A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors12:06
9.Walker of Dissonant Worlds05:40
Total playing time52:54


Xasthur - Telepathic With The Deceased [2004]

Telepathic with the Deceased cover (Click to see larger picture)
2xLP limited to 999 hand-numbered copies released by From Beyond Productions
with following bonus tracks:
11. Storms of Red Revenge (rehearsal track '98)
12. The Cold Earth Slept Below [Judas Iscariot cover]
13. Suicide In Dark Serenity (rehearsal track February '04)
1.Entrance into Nothingness03:50
2.Slaughtered Useless Beings in a Nihilistic Dream04:49
3.Abysmal Depths Are Flooded06:51
4.May Your Void Become As Deep As My Hate!03:27
5.Telepathic With the Deceased09:43
6.A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness07:42
7.Cursed Revelations05:39
8.Drown into Eternal Twilight03:00
9.Murdered Echoes of the Mind10:03
Total playing time57:37


Xasthur / Angra Mainyu / Split [2004]

Xasthur / Angra Mainyu cover (Click to see larger picture)
LP released by Haunter of the Dark, limited to 300 copies, with different
artwork and semi-transparent lyric sheets.
Xasthur (US)
1.A Sermon in the Name of Death04:14
2.Soul Abduction Ceremony08:06
3.The Funeral of Being03:13
4.Ort der Ensamkeit (Wigrid cover)12:43
Angra Mainyu (Ger)
6.Der Drang zur Resignation04:01
7.To Conjure Up the Blackest of Nights03:36
8.They Bleed to Death05:14
9.The Light of Those Who Failed06:49
Total playing time51:39


Nachtmystium / Xasthur / Split [2004]

Nachtmystium / Xasthur cover (Click to see larger picture)
The first 100 copies are on clear vinyl and come with a t-shirt and pin. The
regular addition 7" is limited to 1000 copies and comes with a pin featuring
the art of Peter Bruegel.
Xasthur (US)
4.Spell Within the Wind06:03
Total playing time13:27


Xasthur - The Funeral of Being [2003]

The Funeral of Being cover (Click to see larger picture)

Released as a 2xLP limited to 666 hand-numbered copies by Displeased Records
(March 2004). Contains the following bonus tracks:
12. Dwelling Beneath The Woods (5:09)
13. Dimension Of The Blackest Dark (Forgotten Woods cover) (8:05)
1.The Awakening to the Unknown Perception of Evil07:12
2.Tyrant of Nightmares06:47
4.Sigils Made of Flesh and Trees05:18
5.Blood From the Roots of the Forest, Part 201:32
6.Blood From the Roots of the Forest, Part 108:50
8.Bleak Necrotic Paleness02:29
9.Reflecting Hateful Energy07:55
10.Tyrant of Nightmares (Darkened Winter Promo '01 version)05:29
Total playing time48:48


Xasthur - Suicide In Dark Serenity [2003] EP

Suicide in Dark Serenity cover (Click to see larger picture)

"Suicide in Dark Serenity" and "Storms of Red Revenge" are new versions.

Previously released on MLP through Bestial
Onslaught Records. It was available as 100 on blue vinyl with shirt, 100 on blue
with patch, 900 black vinyl.
All copies included logo-sticker and insert with notes and some lyrics.

CD version contains a bonus track, "Nocturnal Poisoning (rehearsal version)"
(16:32). Remixed and remastered (2004).

Released on tape by NSP.
2.Suicide in Dark Serenity08:52
3.With Hate Freezing in My Veins05:32
4.Storms of Red Revenge05:37
5.Middle Ages Return04:17
Total playing time27:12


Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning [2002]

Nocturnal Poisoning cover (Click to see larger picture)
Recorded April - September 2001.

Released on CD in 2000 copies.

Re-released by Southern Lord in 2004, first pressing was 1000 black vinyl, 250
clear and 250 red. An additional 525 copies were repressed on grey splatter
vinyl. The back cover CAT# is SUNN 42 while the border CAT# is SUNN 44.

Released on tape by NSP.
1.In the Hate of Battle09:04
2.Soul Abduction Ceremony07:44
3.A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors08:05
4.Black Imperial Blood (Mütiilation cover)05:50
5.Legion of Sin and Necromancy11:40
6.A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness06:27
7.Nocturnal Poisoning15:20
8.Forgotten Depths of Nowhere04:50
Total playing time01:09:00


Xasthur (US) - Rehearsal 2002

Xasthur (US)
No vocals were added to this rehearsal.
1.Soul Abduction Ceremony03:40
2.Storms of Red Revenge04:09
3.Dwell Beneath the Woods of Evil05:10
4.Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions04:50
5.A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors08:23
Total playing time26:12

Xasthur / Acid Enema [2002]
Limited to 100 CDr copies originally which were distributed by the bands

Re-released in 2003 by Total Holocaust Recs with different artwork and extra
tracks :
Xasthur - Intro [2:35]
Xasthur - Graying Wasteland (Ritual cover) [04:23]
Acid Enema - Deathcrush (Mayhem cover) [03:33]
Cat. nr. of this edition : THR 026
Xasthur (US)
1.Doomed By Howling Winds10:25
2.The Eye Upon the Throne04:49
3.A Walk Beyond Utter Blackness06:30
4.Summon the End of Time05:13
Acid Enema
5.Desolate World01:21
6.Holocaust Reborn06:11
7.The Next Plane of Existence03:08
8.My Dying Breath05:06
Total playing time48:57


Xasthur - A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors [2001]
Original CD-R version limited to 150 copies.

Remixed and reissued on CD (1,000 copies) and cassette in 2004 by Total
Holocaust Records with red artwork, and with the following tracklist:

1. Intro (1:25)
2. Moon Shrouded In Misery (Part I) (7:19)
3. Suicide In Dark Serenity (12:27)
4. Dwelling Beneath The Woods (5:29)
5. Cursed Be The Memory Of Light (7:28)
6. Possession Of Desolate Magick (5:47)
7. Spell Within The Winds (4:47)
8. Storms Of Red Revenge (2:45)
9. Eternal Empire Of Majesty Death (M�tiilation) (7:17)
10. A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors (8:40)
11. Kingdom Of Burning Crucifixions (4:43)
12. Moon Shrouded In Misery (Part II) (2:09)
13. Black Spell Of Destruction (Burzum) (Version I) (Version II on cassette and
double LP) (6:14)
14. Lost Behind Bloodstained Mirrors (Outro) (0:45)

Re-released by Hydra Head Records on 01/29/2008 on 2CD, second CD includes:
A Darkened Winter Promo '01 + 1"
1. Conjuration Of Terror (First Attempt w/o Vox) (6:28)
2. Tyrant of Nightmares (6:40)
3. Doomed By Howling Winds (10:34)
4. Middle Ages Return (4:22)
5. (What Became) The Funeral Of Being (3:08)
6. Untitled - Rehearsal June '97 (6:25)

Also released as 45rpm 2xLP in 2004 by Debemur Morti Productions. Limited and
hand-numbered to 500 copies. In addition to the mix and tracklist of the
aforementioned 2004 release, includes 2 bonus tracks:

8. Storms Of Red Revenge Part II
11. Untitled - Rehearsal June '97

Track 13 are 2 Burzum covers.
2.Moon Shrouded in Misery, Part 106:46
3.Suicide in Dark Serenity10:39
4.Dwell Beneath the Woods of Evil05:14
5.Cursed Be the Memory of Light07:04
6.Possession of Desolate Magick05:40
7.Storms of Red Revenge04:16
8.A Spell Within the Winds04:34
9.Summon the End of Time04:52
10.Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors08:32
11.Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions04:21
12.Moon Shrouded in Misery, Part 201:47
13.Black Spell of Destruction/Channeling the Power of Souls into a New God (Burzum Cover)07:34
Total playing time01:12:31


Xasthur - A Darkened Winter EP 2001

Xasthur (US)

Track 1 is "Tyrant Of Nightmares" on newer albums.
Track 3 is "Middle Ages Return" on newer albums.
2.Doomed By Howling Winds10:30
Total playing time21:29


Orosius / Xasthur / Split [1999]

Rehearsals from 1999.
Mike (Ritual) plays drums/vox on # 3, 4, 5.
Self-released in early '03 in 66 copies.
No vocals on track 5.
2.Suffering Eternal04:04
Xasthur (US)
3.Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions ('99)03:07
4.Dwelling Beneath the Woods of Evil ('99)03:23
5.Kingdom of Burning Crucifixions ('99 rehearsal, different version)03:58
6.(The Birth of) Storms of Red Revenge (Rehearsal, Unfinished)04:06
Total playing time22:26


Xasthur - Rehearsal '97


Malefic (Scott Conner) - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Ritual (Mike Pardi) - Drums, Vocals
1.Tyrant of Nightmares06:47
2.The Funeral of Being03:07
3.Moon Shrouded in Misery06:31
4.Reflecting Hateful Energy07:18
5.Doomed By Howling Winds10:37
6.Middle Ages Return04:23
7.Storms of Red Revenge05:44
8.The Eye Upon the Throne04:55
9.Graying Wasteland (Ritual cover)04:20
Total playing time56:15

pass: suicidal-depressive


Black Battle Corps I (Compilation)

Country: China
Genre: Underground/Raw/Depressive/Black Metal/Ambient, etc...
Year: 2007
Length: 45 mn


1. EvilZ - Night Of Penitence
2. Original Sin - Pure Land
3. Tomb Sound - Black Rainbow
4. Aglare Light - Red Manifesto
5. Misshapen Hatred - Misshapen Hatred
6. Widerfahren - Nightmare
7. Cvlt ov Nord - Shi Hua Qiu Yan
8. Garrotte Betrayers - 1942

Download Part 1 Here

Download Part 2 Here

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Urgehal - Ikonoklast (2009)

Release dates:
Europe - November 16, 2009
USA - January 11, 2010 (via Season of Mist's Underground Activists division)
1.Stesolid Self-Destruction To Damnation04:42
3.Cut Their Tongue Shut Their Prayer05:17
4.The Necessity Of Total Genocide07:11
5.Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt05:18
6.Astral Projection To Rabid Hell07:09
7.Approaching Doom05:03
8.Holocaust In Utopia07:39
9.Sopor Necrosanctus09:22
Total playing time56:22

Beastcraft & Urgehal - Satanisk Norsk Black Metal (Split) (EP)(2007)

7" gatefold EP limited 1000 copies in black vinyl with two posters.

One new track each band.
1.Blackwinged Messiah04:53
Total playing time08:05


Urgehal-The Eternal Eclipse (Best of /Compilation )(2007)

Anniversary album, celebrating 15 years existence of Urgehal.
The album features 3 unreleased tracks from "Goatcraft Torment" session (tracks
1-3), both tracks from "Demonrape" EP (tracks 4-5), one new track released also
as split with Beastcraft (6), cover of VON (7), re-recorded old track entitled
''The Eternal Eclipse'' (8) and one rehearsal track (9).

The CD comes with tight, 16 pages booklet including lots of pictures, liner
notes and details from band's history.
1.Guds Fortapelse - Apenbaring Av Dommedag04:37
2.The Moors of Death03:26
3.We Are Unholy02:18
5.Serpent Messiah05:01
7.Veadtuck (VON cover)03:28
8.The Eternal Eclipse05:47
Total playing time36:45


Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment (2006)

LP version released in December 2006 by Agonia Records, limited to 666 copies.

Re-released in 2008 by Agonia Records. The new version of Goatcraft Torment
includes improved artwork and complete lyrics as the first press was missing
some of them.
1.Goatcraft Torment04:00
2.Risus Sardonius05:14
4.Dødsmarsj Til Helvete04:18
5.Satanic Black Metal In Hell04:33
6.Nefastus Nex Necis05:50
7.Gathered Under The Horns05:08
9.Sentiment Of Chaos02:43
10.Et Steg Nærmere Lucifer07:00
Total playing time51:05


Urgehal - A Norwegian Hail To VON (Split)(2006)

Released on gatefold double 7" on blood red vinyl limited to 1000 copies. This
is Norwegian Evil's only release.

Track 1: Norwegian Evil
Track 2: Amok
Track 3: Taake
Track 4: Urgehal
1.Satanic Blood (VON Cover)04:28
2.VON (VON Cover)03:59
3.Lamb (VON Cover)01:41
4.Veadtuck (VON Cover)03:19
Total playing time13:22


Urgehal - Demonrape-Vinyl-EP-2005.

7" EP limitied to 1000 copies.
2.Serpent Messiah04:55
Total playing time09:52


Urgehal - Through Thick Fog Till Death (2003)

LP version by Agonia Records, limited to 500 copies.

Re-released by Southern Lord in 2005, bonus tracks:
12. Sodomiser (live)
13. Flames Of The Black Candles (live)
14. Image Of The Horned King (live)
15. The Eternal Eclipse (live)
2.Possessed (Raped By Evil)02:29
3.Raise The Symbols Of Satan06:21
5.Through Thick Fog Till Death04:06
6.Mirror Satan04:22
7.Satanic Deathlust05:50
8.Dead Cold December07:41
9.Død, Død Og Atter Død06:17
10.Supreme Blasphemy04:40
11.Mankind Murder05:44
Total playing time56:40


Urgehal - Live Under The Black Sun 2002

Urgehal – Atomkinder (2001)

Trondr Nefas - electric lead guitar and voice of Hell
Enzifer - electric rhythm guitar
Uruz - war battery

LP version released in 2003 by Agonia Records, limited to 500 copies.

Tape version released by Witchhammer Production (Thailand) and limited to 500
handnumbered copies.

Re-released in 2008 by Agonia Records with the original white cover.
2.Nocturnal Revelation07:05
3.Through The Grace OHell06:37
5.Ripping Corpse (Kreator cover)02:52
6.Antichrist (Sepultura cover)03:24
7.Bleed Suffer Die01:13
Total playing time28:13

Urgehal - Massive Terrestrial Strike (1998)

LP version limited to 500 copies and features a bonus track

8. Nyx
1.The Sodomizer04:45
2.The Saturnine Denomination04:59
3.Supreme Evil06:49
4.Image Of The Horned King05:40
5.Tellus Død/Armageddons Suøpe02:02
6.Apocalyptic Destruction06:41
7.Flames Of Black Candles05:47
Total playing time36:43


Urgehal - Arma Christi (1996)

Arma Christi or Weapons of Christ is a baroque title for the Instruments of the
Passion. At the time the many items were used as aides; such as nails, the crown
of thorns, scourge, etc.

Chiron - electric Bass Guitar
Ensifer - electric Guitar and Drums
Trondr Nefas - apocalyptic Lead Guitar and Screams of Death
1.Blood Hunt03:46
2.The Night Armageddon Comes08:27
3.Embraced By Cold07:21
4.The Eternal Eclipse05:46
5.Conjuring The Hordes Of Blasphemy05:13
6.Maatte Blodet Flomme04:38
7.Evocation Of The Satanic Ascendancy06:22
8.Dethronation Of God05:47
Total playing time47:20


Urgehal - Rise of the Monument (Demo) (1995)

Re-released by Agonia Records in 2006 as picture disc, limited to 500 copies.
1.Maatte Blodet Flomme04:56
2.Souls Of Black Blood07:15
3.Fortarl Av Skogens Skapninger03:51
4.En Legende Av Morket04:08
6.Towards Dimension Unseen05:21
7.The Forest Of Illusion04:42
Total playing time30:13


Urgehal - Ferd - 1994 - Demo

1.I Ruinene Av Et Forlatt Slott04:26
2.Den Som Jakter I Natten05:23
3.Din Ofrelse03:26
4.I Sovnens Stillhet04:07
Total playing time17:22

Mercyful Fate - 1981 Taastrup,Denmark(first gig)

Mercyful Fate - 1981 Taastrup,Denmark(first gig)

1.doomed by the living dead
2.curse of the pharaohs
3.sabbath of all witches
4.the witch
5.walking back to hell
6.on a night of full moon
7.guitar solo
8.return of the vampire


Mercyful Fate 1981-10-31 Gymnasium Herlev Denmark

1.corpse without soul
2.walking back to hell
3.on night of full moon
4.return of the vampire masses
6.satan's fall
7.sound of the demon bell
8.shadow nights
9.guitar solo/curse of the pharaohs

------------->666 ENTER<-----------------

Mercyful Fate - 1981 Taastrup,Denmark(first gig)

Mercyful Fate - 1981 Taastrup,Denmark(first gig)

1.doomed by the living dead
2.curse of the pharaohs
3.sabbath of all witches
4.the witch
5.walking back to hell
6.on a night of full moon
7.guitar solo
8.return of the vampire


Mercyful Fate 1981-10-31 Gymnasium Herlev Denmark

1.corpse without soul
2.walking back to hell
3.on night of full moon
4.return of the vampire masses
6.satan's fall
7.sound of the demon bell
8.shadow nights
9.guitar solo/curse of the pharaohs

------------->666 ENTER<-----------------

Celtic Frost - Rehearsal Tape (1984)

Celtic Frost - Rehearsal Tape
Self Produced, 1984
1. Messiah 04:34
2. Visions of Mortality 04:53
3. Procreation of the Wicked 04:12
4. Morbid Tales 03:27
5. Dethroned Emperor 04:41
6. Return to the Eve 04:15
7. Into Crypts of Ray 03:53
8. Nocturnal Fear 03:47

miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

Misanthropic Spirit - Underground Propaganda Records Part II [Compilation]

Country: Various
Genre: Underground Black Metal
Year: 2007
Length: 1 h 08


01 - Nomossos - Terre Souilee
02 - Herjan - Inquisition
03 - Tjern - Eternal Chaos
04 - Eisiger Wald - Esperance Hivernal
05 - Pagan Blut - Horst Wessel
06 - Grimlair - Funeral
07 - Wolfsschrei - My Rotten Horizon
08 - Kveldulf - Annihilation Of Mankind
09 - Irhmgaar - Destruction Of The Light
10 - Lycanthropy's Spell - Misanthropic Visions
11 - Funeral Forest - Night Of The Unholy Swords
12 - Misantrok - Masacre Ejecutada Con Mano Dura No Existe La Piedad
13 - Kvellen - Retour Aux Sources

Download Part 1 Here

Download Part 2 Here

Tsjuder - Norwegian Apocalypse DVDRIP 2006

1-12: Live at Rockefeller in Oslo, Norway, September 24, 2005.
13-17: Live at Tribute in Sandnes, Norway, September 16, 2005.

Vrangsinn of Carpathan Forest plays guest bass on track 16.

Released as a limited metalbox DVD.

1. Sodomizing the Lamb
3. I-10 . Unholy Paragon
5. Lord of Terror
6. Ghoul
7. Mouth of Madness
8. Sacrifice (Bathory cover)
9. Primeval Fear
10. Beyond The Grave
11. Malignant Coronation
12. Eriphion Epistates
13. Morbid Lust
14. Malignant Coronation
15. Eriphion Epistates
16. Born for Burning (Bathory cover)
17. Beyond the Grave





Tsjuder - Live In Sandnes, Norway [september 16th 2005]

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Artista : Tsjuder
Nombre video : Live In Sandnes, Norway [september 16th 2005]
Genero : Black Metal
Label : Season of Mist
Formato : AVI
Codec : XviD
Tamaño del archivo : 300 MiB
Duración : 27min.
Bitrate : 1535 Kbps
Ancho : 496
Alto : 368
Ancho : 496
Alto : 368
Relación de aspecto : 4/3
Promedio de cuadros : 29.97 fps
Chroma : 4:2:0
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2. Hecha a andar el hjsplit y selecciona join
3. Selecciona el archivo 001
4. Listo, el hjsplit crea un archivo final .avi