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Grimoire (Isr) - A Requiem For the Light - 1996

A Requiem For the Light cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Euphonious Records
October 1996

"Nevuath Hatom" (Hebrew) means "The Prophecy of the End", "Al Hake'ev" means "Of
the Pain".
1.A Requiem For The Light04:27
2.At Dark03:40
3.Above The Silvery Fog (The Night Flight)06:52
4.The Immortal Warrior Spirit04:00
5.Nevuath Ha Tom03:58
6.In The Darkwoods Sovereignity04:48
7.Our Agony (Al Hake'ev)05:16
9....And On With Darkness01:31
Total playing time37:08

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