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Old Man's Child - In the Shades of Life - 1994

In the Shades of Life cover (Click to see larger picture)

Demo, Hot Records
April 7th, 1994

The demo which got them signed, and was later released as a split with Dimmu

Re-released in 1996 by Hot Records as a MCD.

Grusom - Vocals, guitars and synth
Jardar - Guitars
Tjodalv - Drums and vocals
Brynjard Tristan - Bass
1.St. Aidens Fall05:48
2.Seeds of the Ancient Gods06:37
3.Manet Sorgfull Igjennom Skogen05:34
4.The Old Man's Child03:56
5....Og Jeg Iakttok Dødsrikets Inntog05:04
Total playing time27:08

Old Man's Child - In The Shades Of Life

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