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Azaghal (Fin) - Perkeleen Luoma - 2004

Perkeleen Luoma cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Aftermath Music

All music by Azaghal.
All lyrics by Azaghal, except 9 by T.Vainio & Azaghal.

Line up:
Narqath - Guitars, bass, vocals
Varjoherra - Vocals
JL Nokturnal - Guitars
Unhuman Warmachine - Session drums

Recorded at DT-Audio in September '03.
Produced and mixed by Narqath.
Mastered at Denever Studios (Hungary) by Cserfalvy Zoltan in January '04.

Some versions includes a Ildjarn Cover

Hammer Of Hate released a limited 2LP-version of this album in 2005, featuring
all the songs from "Kyy"-MCD as bonus tracks.

Somber Music released in Brazil a 500 copies version which includes "Kyy" EP.
This version has another cover art and it's limited to 500 copies.
1.Helvettiin (Intro)00:49
3.Käärmeen Laulu05:14
5.Kuoleman Kylmä Ikuisuus07:19
6.Perkeleen Kitaan04:42
8.Perkeleen Luoma03:29
Total playing time50:13

Download here

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