viernes, 30 de abril de 2010

Azaghal (Fin) - Suicide Anthems / Dark Blasphemous Moon - Split 2001

Suicide Anthems / Dark Blasphemous Moon cover (Click to see larger  picture)
Split, Millenium Metal Music

Sold out.

Azaghal's tracks also appear on the 12'' vinyl ''Ihmisviha'' released by Blut &
Eisen Productions.
Azaghal (Fin)
1....Ja Me Näykimme Luita02:44
2.Demonic Energy02:51
3.Käärme ja Avain05:16
4.Suicide Anthem 200104:16
5.Kill Yourself03:49
Beheaded Lamb
7.Across The River07:20
8.To The Hall Of The Horned Masters06:01
9.Beheaded Lamb05:54
Total playing time42:15

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