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Azaghal (Fin) - Mustamaa - 1999

Full-length, ISO666 Releases

Originally released on limited 12'' vinyl by Melancholy Promotions, later also
released on CD by the same label (under a new name Iso666).
Tape version released by At War / Dragonthrone Productions.
All versions have slightly different covers, the one on the right is the CD

Narqath - Guitars, Bass, Clean Vocals
Varjoherra - Vocals
Kalma - Drums

All music by Narqath, except 6 by Narqath and Kalma.
All lyrics by Narqath.

Tracks 1-4 recorded in March '99 at the Cursed Studio.
Produced and mixed by Jani Loikas.
Tracks 5-8 recorded in May '99 at the HellKult Studio.
Produced and mixed by Narqath.

Tape version:
Tracks 1-4 = side HELL
Tracks 5-8 = side KULT
1.Yhtä Yön Kanssa (One With The Night)06:05
2.Mustamaa (Mordor)04:08
3.Kuolema Kristukselle (Death To Christ)04:47
4.De Vermis Mysteriis06:22
5.Portinvartija (Gatekeeper)03:24
6.Juudas (Judas)04:00
7.Kosto (Revenge)04:06
8.Viimeinen Taistelu (The Final Battle)04:01
Total playing time36:53

Download here

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