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Azaghal (Fin) - Rehearsal-Demo I - 1998

Rehearsal-Demo I cover (Click to see larger picture)
Demo, Chanteloup Creations
August 1998

Originally released by Stålhammar Productions on a limited tape. Re-released on
a limited tape with a different cover and a bonus track by Chanteloup Creations
in 1999.
Both versions are sold out.

The cover is from the Chanteloup version.

Narqath - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Varjoherra - Vocals
Kalma - Drums
1.Jumalan Pilkkaa Sinun Nimeesi02:04
2.Saatanan Valtakunta04:00
3.Hiljaisuuden Salit01:03
4.Tuonelan Porteilla03:17
6.Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä04:37
7.Kun Aurinko Kuoli07:20
8.Musta Hiljaisuus (bonus track)04:03
Total playing time30:23

Azaghal - Rehearsal 1998.rar

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