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Azaghal (Fin) - Kristinusko Liekeissä - 1998

Demo, Stålhammar Productions
February 1998

Released as a split release between Stålhammar Productions and Chanteloup
Creations, both versions were limited to 200 copies and are now sold out.

Re-released on CD-R through Sacrifire Productions in 2004 with different cover
art and two bonustracks:
8. Kulde / Skogens Hatefulle Skapning (Ildjarn cover)
9. Ghoul (Mayhem cover)
Re-release is limited to 50 copies.

Jani Loikas played bass on track 7.
Lyrics on track 3 by Satanic Warmaster.
Lyrics on tracks 2 and 5 by Traalique.
1.Saatanan Valtakunta04:41
2.Kuilujen Herrat04:21
4.Kuolema Kristukselle03:21
5.Murskaamme Kasvot Juutalaisten Kuninkaan04:58
6.Kristinusko Liekeissä04:04
7.Countess Bathory (Venom cover)04:15
Total playing time30:46

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