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Impaled Nazarene - Manifest - 2007

Manifest cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Osmose
October 24th, 2007

Release date of October 24th, 2007 for Finland, October 26th, 2007, everywhere

Also available as a double 10" LP, limited to 500 copies.
1.Intro: Greater Wrath01:21
2.The Antichrist Files01:23
3.Mushroom Truth03:39
4.You Don't Rock Hard02:14
7.The Calling03:56
8.Funeral for Despicable Pigs03:33
9.Planet Nazarene03:51
10.Blueprint for Your Culture's Apocalypse02:49
11.Goat Justice02:29
12.Die Insane03:55
13.Original Pig Rig03:42
14.Suicide Song03:26
15.When Violence Commands the Day03:34
16.Dead Return05:34
Total playing time50:28


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