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Varathron - Walpurgisnacht - 1995

Walpurgisnacht cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Unisound Records

Necroabyssious - vocals and whispers
Pyrphoros - electric and acoustic guitars and bass
Adrastos - synths and piano
Wolfen - drums

Produced by: M.W. Daoloth and Varathron.
Sound engineer: M.W. Daoloth.
Recorded and mixed at: Storm Studio - Athens - Greece, 1995.
All the tracks recorded in April & May 1995.

Solo guitar on tracks 5 and 8 by Sotiris of Septic Flesh.

Tape version by Mystic Productions (under license from Unisound Records)

Reissued in '04, by Mutilation records, in double cd-format. It comes with "His
Majesty At The Swamp" and "The Lament Of Gods".
1.Tleilaxu (The Unborn Child)05:59
2.Cassiopeia's Ode08:00
3.The Dark Hills03:57
5.Birthrise of the Graven Image05:18
6.Redeunt Saturnia Regna01:36
7.Under the Sight of Horus06:38
8.Somewhere Beyond Seas04:55
9.Sic Transit Gloria Mundi01:12
Total playing time42:23

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