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Isengard (Nor) - Vinterskugge - 1994

Vinterskugge cover (Click to see larger picture)

Best of/Compilation, Deaf/Peaceville
March 28th, 1994

Tracks 1-7 taken from the"Vandreren" '93 demo.
Tracks 8-12 taken from the "Spectres over Gorgoroth" '89 demo.
Tracks 13-16 taken from the "Horizons" '91 demo.

Re-released by Peaceville in 2003 as a digipack. Same cover, except the runes.

Bootleg release by Vinyl Maniac Records in 2001 on 12" Vinyl
limited to 500 copies, featured only 10 songs.
2.Gjennom Skogen til Blåfjellene05:51
3.Ut i Vannets dyp Hvor Morket Hviler04:19
5.In the Halls and Chambers of Stardust - The Crystallic Heavens Open02:33
6.Fanden Lokker til Stupet (Nytrad)02:43
8.Thy Gruesome Death02:16
10.Rise from Below03:12
11.Dark Lord of Gorgoroth02:26
12.Trollwandering (Outro)01:29
13.The Fog (early 1991)04:35
14.Storm of Evil06:02
15.Bergtrollets Gravferd05:31
16.Our Lord will Come05:48
Total playing time01:04:30

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