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Varathron - Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins - Split 1994

Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins cover (Click to see larger  picture)
Split, Unisound

First released on LP only by Black Power Rec. in 1992 (Recorded in december
1991). Re-Released by Unisound Rec. in 1994 on CD with a different cover. The
cover picture shows the CD-version here, while the Split LP featured two
different covers, one for each band.

The track-list here shown is the one of the CD:
* Bonus tck on the CD-version for Necromantia: "De Magia Veterum".
* Bonus tck on the CD-version for Varathron: "Descent Of A Prophetic Vision" and
"Genesis Of Apocryphal Desires".

Released on CD in 1994. Unisound Records in coloured cover. (US 010)
Released on LP in 1994. Hellion Records. (HEL 020)
Released on CD in 2002 (1994 on cover). Unisound Records in black / white cover.
(USR 010)

Re-release of The Black Arts / The Everlasting Sins with new artwork and bonus

NECROMANTIA - The Black Arts
Morbid – Bass, Vocals
Baron Blood – 8-String Bass
Slow Death – Backing Vocals, Howling, Growling And Whispers

Dave P. – All Guitar
Y. Papayiannis – Tablas, Percusions, Keyboards
Nick Adams – Drums

Recorded and mixed at Sin Ena Studio in December 1991.
Engineered by Chris Demian.
Track 5 performed live and recorded at Sin Ena Studio in December 1989.

All music by NECROMANTIA.
All lyrics by NECROMANTIA except Evil Prayers written by Remi De Gourmount.

VARATHRON - The Everlasting Sins
Stephan – Vocals
Mutilator – Bass
Stavros – Guitar
John – Guitar
Themis – Drums

(Tracks 7-9) Recorded and mixed at Red House Studio in January 1991.
(Track 6) Recorded and mixed at Red House Studio in February 1992.
(Tracks 10-11) One Step Beyond Dreams - 7”.

All music by VARATHRON except The Cult Of The Dragon by Morbid.
All lyrics by VARATHRON.
1.Lord of the Abyss07:50
2.The Feast of Ghouls05:33
3.Evil Prayers05:43
5.De Magia Veterum10:04
6.The Cult of the Dragon02:27
7.The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep07:15
8.La Reine Noir06:09
10.Descent of a Prophetic Vision03:29
11.Genesis of Apocryphal Desires03:10
Total playing time54:15


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