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Ang - Music for the Nights of Melancholy - 2005

Music for the Nights of Melancholy cover (Click to see larger  picture)

Ambient (early), Black Metal (later)
Lyrical theme(s)
Nature, Darkness, Pagan, Anguish
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Colombia (Ipiales) 2002 Unsigned Active
Current line-up
Conde Gustav - All Instruments & Vocals

Demo, Self Released

Demo recorded in one night.
1.Desperate Screams

2.Agony In The Destruction

3.Died Days

4.Black Time

5.Caves Of Blood

6.Prints In The Forest

7.Night Acts



10.It Hides Night

Ang-Music For The Nights Of Melancholy [2005].rar

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