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Exelsus Diaboli (Col) / Infernal (Col) - The Reapers of God - 2004

The Reapers of God cover (Click to see larger picture)
Split, Mighty Hordes Productions

Infernal (Col)
1.The Intense Flame Will Burn Forever04:33
2.Creations of Man's Evil Thought04:20
3.The Horned Head of Satan Attacks04:09
4.Ancestors Have Left an Historical Legacy03:33
5.Ritual Performing03:41
6.Tragedy Called Existence04:26
Exelsus Diaboli
7.Sanguinem Corpus Christus01:39
8.The Ascension of the Abyss04:59
9.Blasphemy to the Falsegod06:57
10.Our Cult War and Cruelty07:03
11.Our Domain Will Prevail04:59
12.Stormy Demons Beheaders of Jehovah05:07
13.Preparing for War (Dawn of the Light)01:30
Total playing time56:56

Infernal (Col) - The Reapers of God.rar

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