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Isengard (Nor) - Høstmørke - 1995

Høstmørke cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Moonfog
July 3rd, 1995

Guest musicans:
Aldrahn : Vocals on last four lines from "Neslepaks"
Vicotnick : First scream on "Thornspawn Chalice"

Bootleg release by Black Witchery Records in 2000 on 12" Vinyl,
limited to 500 copies, contained all the songs on "Høstmørke" and demo "Spectres
Over Gorgoroth".

Officially issued on vinyl and with gatefold cover by Moonfog Feb 2008.
2.Landet Og Havet01:07
3.I Kamp Med Kvitekrist04:57
4.I Ei Gran Borti Nordre Åsen03:43
5.Over De Syngende Øde Moer05:52
6.Thornspawn Chalice08:10
7.Total Death02:50
Total playing time32:10


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