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Varathron - Genesis of Apocryphal Desire - 1997

Genesis of Apocryphal Desire cover (Click to see larger picture)
Best of/Compilation, Cursed Productions
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CD digitally mastered at Rattlehead Studios by Brian Bavido on May 6th, 1997.

Tracks 1 and 2: from the "Procreation of the Unaltered Evil" demo, 1989.
Track 3: previously unreleased, 1989.
Tracks 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8: from the "Genesis of Apocryphal Desire" demo, 1991.
Track 9: previously unreleased, 1993.
Track 10: previously unreleased, 1995.

Re-released in 2004 with "One Step Beyond Dreams" EP as bonus tracks.

Re-relased arround 2007/8 by Demonion / Night Birds on tape. About 300 copies
2.Dawn of Sordid Decay03:07
3.The Great Seal of Graal04:05
4.La Reine Noir06:18
5.Genesis of Apocryphal Desire03:15
6.The Tressrising of Nyarlathotep07:23
7.Seven Endless Horizones03:34
8.Journey Beyond00:35
9.The Mystic Papyrus03:30
10.Deep Beneath an Ancient Dominion04:49
Total playing time43:03

Varathron - Genesis of ...yphal Desire (1997).rar

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