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Amon Amarth - The Avenger - 1999

The Avenger cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Metal Blade
September 2nd, 1999


Johan Hegg - Vocals
Johan Soderberg - Guitars
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitars
Ted Lundstrom - Bass
Fredrik Andersson - Drums

A digipack version is available containing the bonus track "Thor Arise" (5:07).
This is a re-recorded version of a track on Amon Amarth's first (never released)
demo with the same name.

Also released on LP.
Metal Blade Records re-released this album in 2005 on Picture LP limited to 500
handnumbered copies.

Re-released on May 22th, 2009 in Germany
and May 25th in the rest of Europe as a double-popup-digipak featuring two
Disc 1 includes the bonus track "Thor Arise".
Disc 2 features the live recording of the show AMON AMARTH played on December
29, 2008 in Bochum, Germany where teh band performed the album in its entirety.
The order of songs is the same as on disc one (excluding "Thor Arise").

Recorded at Abyss Studio in March 1999.
Engineered and mixed by Peter Tagtgren.
Mastered at Cutting Room in Stockholm by Peter In De Betou, April 1999.

All music by Olavi Mikkonen, except "God, His Son And Holy Whore" by Olavi
Mikkonen and Martin Lopez.
All lyrics by Johan Hegg.
All songs produced and arranged by Amon Amarth.

In the booklet it says (exact words):
"Any references made to implicate that there are cover bands out there that
really sucks found in this recording are purely intentional."

This was part of a short lived feud with Hammerfall.
1.Bleed for Ancient Gods04:31
2.The Last With Pagan Blood05:39
3.North Sea Storm04:56
5.God, His Son and Holy Whore04:00
7.Legend of a Banished Man06:05
Total playing time36:12


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