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Amon Amarth - Once Sent from the Golden Hall

Once Sent from the Golden Hall cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Metal Blade
February 12th, 1998

Recorded at The Abyss Studio.
Enineered by Peter Tägtgren.
Produced by Amon Amarth & Peter Tägtgren.

Johan Hegg - Vocals
Ted Lundstrom - Bass
Martin Lopez - Drums
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitar

Rhythm guitar on this recording by Anders Hansson.

Released on CD & LP (1000 copies). It was also re-released by Metal Blade in
2005 on Picture LP (500 handnumbered copies).
Re-released on February 27th, 2009 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy
and March 2 in the rest of Europe as a double-popup-digipak featuring two
Disc 1 includes Siegreicher Marsch (German version of "Victorious March" as a
bonus track at number 9.
Disc two features the live recording of the show AMON AMARTH played on December
28, 2008 in Bochum, Germany where they played the album in its entirety.

LP re-release (180 gram double clear vinyl) by Back On Black in may 2009.
Includes 5 bonus tracks:
*Siegreicher Marsch (german version of Victorious March)
*Ride For Vengeance (Live)
*The Dragon's Flight (Live)
*Without Fear (Live)
*Victorious March (Live)

'Without Fear' is a re-recording of a track with the same name from the 'The
Arrival of the Fimbul Winter' demo.
1.Ride for Vengeance04:28
2.The Dragons' Flight Across the Waves04:34
3.Without Fear04:50
4.Victorious March07:57
5.Friends of the Suncross04:43
7.Amon Amarth08:06
8.Once Sent From the Golden Hall04:12
Total playing time44:51

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