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Amon Amarth - Fate of Norns - 2004

Fate of Norns cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Metal Blade Records
September 6th, 2004

Johan Hegg - Vocals
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitar
Johan Soderberg - Guitar
Ted Lundström - Bass
Frederik Andersson - Drums

The limited edition digipack has a bonus DVD "Amon Amarth vs. Iceland". This
45-minute disc features three-camera footage of a live performance at Grand Rokk
in Reykjavik, Iceland on March 5, 2004 with the following tracklist:

Death in Fire
The Last With Pagan Blood
For the Stabwounds in Our Backs
Masters of War
The Sound of Eight Hooves
Versus the World
Victorious March

Also released on LP.

Promo copies were distributed by Metal Blade before the albums official release
with CD-rom extras (pics,bios,sheets,logos).

Recorded May/June 2004 at Berno Studios in Malmo.
Produced by Amon Amarth and Berno Paulsson.
Mixed and mastered at Berno Studio by Berno Paulsson.

Horn on "Arson" by Udo Schlangschnabel.
1.An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm04:38
2.Where Death Seems to Dwell04:58
3.The Fate of Norns05:58
4.The Pursuit of Vikings04:30
5.Valkyries Ride04:57
6.The Beheading of a King03:24
8.Once Sealed in Blood04:50
Total playing time40:03



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