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Lord Belial - Angelgrinder - 2002

Angelgrinder cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, No Fashion Records
April 2002

Thomas Backelin - Vocals, rhytm/accoustic and lead guitars
Fredrik Wester - Rhytm and lead guitars
Anders Backelin - Bass, Piano
Micke Backelin - Drums

Session musicians:
Cecilia Sander - Flute
Satanik K Kranium - Additional keyboards

The album was recorded and mixed in Los Angered Recording Studios, September
10th - Oct 18th 2001.
Produced by Andy LaRoque and Lord Belial. Engineered by Andy LaRoque. Mastered
at Digitalfabriken.

All coverart and layout by Mantus.
Photos was taken by Ninni Sjölund
Logo by Micke Backelin.

The third track, "Satan Divine" is a re-recorded song from their first album
"Kiss The Goat" (1995).

A song called "Purify Sweden" was supposed to appear as track 7 in the original
copy but wasn't due to the record label.

Catalogue number: NFR058

Thomas Backelin:
Music on every track, lyrics on every track except #3
Niclas "Pepa" Andersson music on #3, #4, #6, #7
Fredrik Wester music on #2, #5
Micke Backelin lyrics on #3

Hellion Records re-released this CD with 2 bonus tracks:
10. Massacre (Bathory Cover)
11. The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover)
1.Dominus Bellum (Intro)00:48
3.Satan Divine04:00
4.Burn the Kingdom of Christ03:55
5.Unrelenting Scourge of War08:33
6.Wrath of the Antichrist Horde03:03
7.Ungodly Passage03:45
8.Kingdom of Infinte Grief05:11
9.Odium Vincit Omnia (Outro)02:47
Total playing time37:38


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