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Lord Belial - The Seal of Belial - 2004

Full-length, Regain Records
August 30th, 2004

Thomas Backelin - rhythm, accoustic and lead guitars, vocals
Hjalmar Nielsen - lead guitars
Anders Backelin - bass
Micke Backelin - drums

Drums on this album played by Daniel Moilanen.

Session musicians:
Fredrik Wester - lead guitars
Marielle Andersson - vocals

Additional keyboards and effects by Thomas Backelin. Vocals on "Prolusio: Acies
Sigillum" by Duncan Schouten. Guest appearance by Andy LaRocque: solos on
"Armageddon Revelation" and "Scythe of Death".

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 20 days between August 4th and January 16th
2003. Produced by Andy LaRocque and Thomas Backelin. Engineered by Andy LaRocque
and Niclas Rudolfsson. All music and lyrics written and arranged by Thomas
Backelin and performed by Lord Belial.

The song "Scythe of Death" has been re-recorded for this album. It was
originally released on the "Scythe of Death" mCD.
1.Prolusio: Acies Sigillum03:18
2.Sons of Belial06:30
3.Chariot of Fire05:12
4.Abysmal Hate06:38
5.Legio Inferi05:50
6.Mark of the Beast06:36
7.Armageddon Revelation06:13
8.Scythe of Death07:26
Total playing time47:43


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