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Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God - 2008

Twilight of the Thunder God cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Metal Blade
September 17th, 2008

"Twilight of the Thunder God" was released on the 17th of September in Sweden
and Finland, the 19th of September in D/A/CH/I, the 22nd of September in the
rest of Europe and 30th of September in North America.

The following appear as guest musicians:
L.G. Petrov (Entombed) - Vocals on "Guardians of
Roope Latvala (Children of Bodom) - Guitar on
"Twilight of the Thunder God"
Apocalyptica - Cellos on "Live For The Kill"

Following editions available:
Double etched LP (1500 copies)
Picture disc LP (500 copies)
'Bubblehead' edition (2000 copies)

The double-CD/DVD version and the 'bubblehead' edition contain a CD/DVD of the
band's performance at the Summer Breeze festival 2007, with the following

1. Intro
2. Valhall Awaits Me
3. Runes to My Memory
4. Cry of the Black Birds
5. Asator
6. Pursuit of Vikings
7. Fate of Norns
8. Without Fear
9. With Oden on Our Side
10. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
11. An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
12. Victorious March
13. Death In Fire

LP reissue (180 gram double blue vinyl) by Back On Black in may 2009.

Includes live bonus tracks:
*Valhall Awaits Me
*Runes To My Memory
*Cry Of The Black Birds
*Pursuit Of Vikings
*Fate Of Norns
*Without Fear
*With Oden On Our Side
*Where Silent Gods Stand Guard

The artwork shows Thor fighting with Jörmungandr, according to Ragnarok's

Also video to "Guardians of Asgard" was made in Polish Sowie Mountains with
participate of Igor from (Casus Belli).
1.Twilight of the Thunder God04:08
2.Free Will Sacrifice04:08
3.Guardians of Asgaard04:23
4.Where Is Your God?03:11
5.Varyags of Miklagaard04:18
6.Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags04:30
7.No Fear For the Setting Sun03:54
8.The Hero04:04
9.Live For the Kill04:11
10.Embrace of the Endless Ocean06:44
Total playing time43:31

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