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Amon Amarth - The Crusher - 2001

The Crusher cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Metal Blade
May 8th, 2001


Johan Hegg - Vocals
Ted Lundstrom - Bass
Johan Soderberg - Guitar
Fredrik Andersson - Drums
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitar

CD bonus track:
10. Eyes of Horror (Possessed cover) (03:34)
Total running time: 49:30

Also released on Double LP and on Picture LP (June 29th, 2007) limited and
handnumbered to 500 copies.

'Risen From The Sea' is a re-recording of a track from the 'Thor Arise' demo.
Therefore, this newer version has the added '(2000)' to keep both versions

Rereleased in 2009 as a double CD pack. First CD is the album, including the
Possessed cover, remastered/ Second CD is "The crusher live", a collection of
various live recordings of the whole album's tracks live.
1.Bastards of a Lying Breed05:33
2.Masters of War04:35
3.The Sound of Eight Hooves04:50
4.Risen From the Sea (2000)04:27
5.As Long as the Raven Flies04:04
6.A Fury Divine06:36
7.Annihilation of Hammerfest05:03
8.The Fall Through Ginnungagap05:21
9.Releasing Surtur's Fire05:30
Total playing time45:59

Link: (2001) The Crusher.rar
Pass: MalaqAl-HAq

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