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Lord Belial - Kiss the Goat - 1995

Kiss the Goat cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, No Fashion Records
May 1995

Line-up :
Thomas "Dark" Backelin - Vocals, guitars
Niclas "Vassago" Andersson - Guitars, vocals
Anders "Bloodlord" Backelin - Bass
Micke "Sin" Backelin - Drums

Session member :
Jenny "Lilith" Andersson - Flute

Produced by Daniel Bergstrand and Lord Belial at Soundfront Studios 21/11-30/11,

Photos by Petri Stjernwall, drawings by Micke "Sin" Backelin, backside drawings
by Vicky and "Osculum Obscenum" drawing and frontcover by Tore Isaksson. Cover
design and digital artwork by Tom Martinsen.

The pink cover (and booklet) is actually an mistake by the manufacturer : it's
not supposed to be that colour.

No Fashion Rec [Cat.no: NFR010]
Metal Blade Rec [USA] [Cat.no: 3984-14287-2]
Toy's Factory [Japan] [Cat.no: TFCK-88752]

Music by Lord Belial, but on the re-recorded version of "Satan Divine" on the
2002 "Angelgrinder" album is Niclas Andersson credited as the creator of the

Niclas "Vassago" Andersson lyrics on #1
Micke "Sin" Backelin lyrics on #2, #3, #7
Thomas "Dark" Backelin lyrics on #4, 5, 8, 9, 10

The Japanese release contains a bonus track:
11. "Bleed On The Cross" (2:59) - taken from their demo from 1993 called "The
Art Of Dying".
1.Hymn of the Ancient Misanthropic Spirit of the Forest05:20
2.Satan Divine03:59
3.Grace of God04:14
4.The Ancient Slumber05:40
5.Into the Frozen Shadows05:36
6.The Art of Dying (Instrumental)01:38
7.Osculum Obscenum03:00
8.Mysterious Kingdom06:08
9.In the Light of the Fullmoon05:01
10.Lilith – Demonic Queen of the Black Light04:36
Total playing time44:33


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