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Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side - 2006

With Oden On Our Side cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Metal Blade Records
September 22nd, 2006

Johan Hegg - Vocals
Olavi Mikkonen - Guitar
Johan Soderberg - Guitar
Ted Lundstrom - Bass
Fredrik Andersson - Drums

Recorded at Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden. May and June 2006.

All songs written and arranged by Amon Amarth.

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Jens Bogren.
Additional recording by Anders 'Shadow' Ström.
Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Cutting Room, Stockholm.
Drumtech: Peter Damin
Design by Thomas Ewerhard.
Photos by Axel Jusseit.

The limited digipak version contains a bonus CD with the following tracklist:
1. Where Silent Gods Stand Guard (live at Wacken 2004) (6:11)
2. Death in Fire (live at Wacken 2004) (4:55)
3. With Oden on Our Side (demo version) (4:32)
4. Hermod's Ride to Hel - Lokes Treachery Part 1 (demo version) (4:49)
5. Once Sent from the Golden Hall (Sunlight Studio recording 1997) (4:03)
6. Return of the Gods (Sunlight Studio recording 1997 - previously unreleased
song) (3:34)

Track 1 and 2 recorded live at Wacken 2004.
Track 3 and 4 recorded at Amon Amarth's rehearsal studio, January 2006.
Track 5 and 6 recorded at Sunlight Studio, March 1997.

Also released on a limited red LP.
1.Valhall Awaits Me04:43
2.Runes to My Memory04:32
4.Hermod's Ride to Hel - Lokes Treachery, Part 104:40
5.Gods of War Arise06:02
6.With Oden on Our Side04:34
7.Cry of the Black Birds03:49
8.Under the Northern Star04:17
9.Prediction of Warfare06:36
Total playing time42:17


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