martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Xibalba (Mex) - Ancients / 2007

Ancients cover (Click to see larger picture)
Best of/Compilation, Guttural Records

The 1992 demo plus an old and rare rehearsal demo from 1994.

LP released by Nuclear War Now! in 2008.
Die hard version on green vinyl and comes with sticker, patch, and bonus 7"
vinyl with 2 live tracks:
1) Caveae Ex Cuzivan
2) At The Edge Of The Pit
1.Furor Antiquus08:30
2.Caveae Ex Cuzivan04:22
3.Tectum Finatum11:21
4.In Lucescitae Tristis Hiei06:05
5.The Crown of Plumes02:33
6.Bow the Serpent in the Stone03:27
7.Itzam Na Send a Storm02:37
8.Return to Outerwisdom01:21
Total playing time41:00


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