jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

Abazagorath - The Ancient Cult-(Best of/Compilation,2003)

The Ancient Cult cover (Click to see larger picture)
Best of/Compilation, Ancient Spirit Terror

MC limited to 222 hand-numbered copies. The first 4 tracks are from "Summer 1996
demo" (limited to 100 copies). Next tracks are actually rehearsals recorded
during 1998-2002 period.

2.The Gates to the Spirit Kingdom

3.For All Eternity

4.The Chaos That Crawls Beyond the Stars

5.In the Woodland Shadows


7.Weapon of Unholy Wrath (Instrumental Version)

rapidspread.com *Abazagorath - The Ancient Cult [best of/compilation] (2003)* by Redesecretor

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