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Thus Defiled - Weeping Holocaust Tears / 2003

Weeping Holocaust Tears cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Shadowflame Productions

"The Angelblood Chronicles" has four Acts:
Act I - As a Blade to the Throat of Beauty
Act II - The Crimson Tears of a Dying Age
Act III - (Angelblood) The Tears of an Age Now Dead
Act IV - ...And Silence Fell in the Kingdom of Heaven
1.Awakened By My Summoning02:28
2.Spiritual Abduction03:29
3.Of Shadow And Storm08:02
4.When Seduction Brings Forth Damnation04:48
5.The Angelblood Chronicles17:24
6.Fire Serpent Dawn06:21
Total playing time42:32

Weeping Holocaust Tears

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