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Countess (Netherlands) - The Revenge of the Horned One Part II (2002)

The Revenge of the Horned One Part II cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Barbarian Wrath
March 2002

CD limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.
1.Behold My Wrath02:53
2.Child of the Millennia05:51
3.Praise of Immorality (The Exaltation of Fornication)05:08
4.(Hear the) Ballad of the Swords07:09
5.On Armageddeon's Battlefield03:32
6.Masturbo Ergo Sum - Act II03:34
7.My Pain Is My Glory04:40
8.Blood Wedding (St. Bartholomew's Day 1572)06:51
10.Tyrant of the Motorway04:30
11.The Legend of the Fall13:00
12.Metal Warriors (Manowar cover)03:38
Total playing time01:07:59

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