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Countess (Netherlands) - Heilig Vuur (2004)

Heilig Vuur cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Barbarian Wrath
April 2004
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CD limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.
Tracks 10-12 are live bonus tracks.

Song titles translate to:

1. Blood for Odin
2. Holy Fire
3. The Roaring Fighter
4. The Shadow of the Cross
5. The Wild Hunt.
6. Dragonslayer
7. Hall of the Fallen
8. Voices in the Wood
9. Twilight of the Gods
10. Blood in the Snow
11. The Gift of the Gods
12. Dokkum 754
1.Bloed voor Wodan05:47
2.Heilig Vuur05:43
3.De Brullende Stormer03:48
4.De Schaduw van Het Kruis05:29
5.De Wilde Jacht06:24
7.Hal der Gevallenen05:30
8.Stemmen in Het Woud02:33
9.Schemering der Goden13:51
10.Bloed in de Sneeuw04:42
11.De Gift der Goden04:47
12.Dokkum 75405:20
Total playing time01:07:28

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