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Acheron (USA) - Compendium Diablerie - The Demo Days / 2001

Best of/Compilation, Full Moon Productions
September 18th, 2001

Tracks 1 to 4 from 1989.
Tracks 5 to 6 from 1990.
Tracks 7 to 16 from "Rites of the Black Mass" demo.
Track 17 from "Alla Xul" 7"EP.
Tracks 18 to 20 from 1995.

Track list on the back of the CD is wrong. The one below is correct.
1.Prayer of Hell02:41
2.As Thou Wilt03:47
3.Midnight Offering / Alla Xul05:14
4.So It Is Done02:52
5.To Thee We Confess02:13
6.Ave Satanas03:16
7.To Thee We Confess02:02
8.Thou Art Lord03:57
9.Ave Satanas03:22
10.Summoning the Master02:42
11.One with Darkness03:16
12.Prayer of Hell02:21
13.Unholy Praises03:10
14.Cursed Nazarene03:59
15.The Enochian Key02:11
16.Let Us Depart04:38
17.Alla Xul02:21
18.Blessed by Damnation05:22
19.Hekal Tiamat05:29
20.Necromanteion Communion05:30
Total playing time01:10:30

Download part I
Download part II

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