martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Sabbat - Charisma (reissue with bonus tracks)

Best of/Compilation, Pure Steel Records
December 2009

English Version with 3 Bonus tracks of the Karisma album of 1999, which was
available only on vinyl up to today + Tribute Album 25 Years of Black Fire
featuring Superchrist, Metalucifer, Serpent Saints and more bands.


1. Samurai Zombies
2. Harmageddon
3. Orochie
4. Valley Of Ogre
5. Den Of Hades
6. Okiku Doll Of The Devil
7. Japanese Revelation
8. Nekromantik (bonus) (but same version than on Satanasword)
9. Black Magical Circle Of Witches (bonus)
10. Seven Crosses Of Damnation (bonus)

Download Here

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