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Acheron (USA) - Decade Infernus 1988 - 1998 / 2004

Decade Infernus 1988 - 1998 cover (Click to see larger picture)
Best of/Compilation, Black Lotus Records

The dual slipcase of this release with the embossed foil logo is limited to 2000
numbered copies and comes with a box cover.
Disc 1
1.Thou Art Lord04:12
2.God Is Dead03:23
3.Slaughterization for Satan04:37
4.Blessed by Damnation05:09
5.Immortal Sigil04:49
6.Let Us Depart05:01
7.Satanic Erotica03:25
8.One with Darkness03:44
9.Fuck the Ways of Christ05:39
10.Lifeforce (The Blood)05:03
11.The Enochian Key02:20
13.Enter Thy Coven03:20
14.Final Harvest05:58
15.Ave Satanas03:42
16.Prayer of Hell02:40
Disc 2
1.Out of Body05:04
2.Alla Xul02:50
3.To Thee We Confess02:08
4.Shemhamforash (The Ultimate Blasphemy)04:56
5.Purification Day05:33
6.Hekal Tiamat05:01
7.Seven Deadly Sins03:30
8.Cursed Nazarene04:17
9.Necromanteion Communion05:18
10.Baptism for Devlyn Alexandra04:58
11.Legions of Hatred05:40
12.Unholy Praises03:47
13.Summoning the Master02:52
14.Voices Within03:44
15.Undead Celebration04:56
16.The Entity03:39
Total playing time02:14:48

Download CD1 partI
Download CD1 part II

Download CD2 partI
Download CD2 partII

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