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Countess - Blazing Flames of War (2007)

Blazing Flames of War cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Barbarian Wrath
November 1st, 2007

CD limited to 666 hand-numbered copies.
Last two tracks are re-recorded from The Return of the Horned One.
1.Blazing Flames of War03:04
2.Scarlet Witch Queen08:09
3.Blood Orgy02:35
4.Burning Sea05:25
5.Winter Solstice04:06
6.Gods of My Fathers05:05
8.Wail of the Banshee03:12
9.Swords Shine in the Highlands12:15
10.Fields of Athenry (Pete St. John cover)04:22
12.Bloed In De Sneeuw04:06
Total playing time53:05

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