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Deströyer 666 - Violence Is the Prince of This World / 1995

Violence Is the Prince of This World cover (Click to see larger picture)

EP, Modern Invasion Music
November 11th, 1995

K.K. Warslut - Vocals, guitars, bass
Chris Volcanoe - Drums
Matt Sanders - Drums

LP version limited to 520 black vinyls and five marble.

Re-released in 2001 with bonus tracks:
8. True Sons of Satan
9. Destroyer (LP version)
10. Song for the Devil's Son
11. True Sons of Satan (with outro)/Song For the Devil's Son (Part 2)
12. The Eternal Glory of War (2nd Mix)
1.Hail to Destruction01:33
2.An Endless Stream of Bombers02:54
3....True Sons of Satan03:43
4.Burning the Veil of Falsehood04:52
5.Death Metal Winds (Howl Again)02:44
6.Song for a Devil's Son04:00
7.The Eternal Glory of War05:31
Total playing time25:17


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