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Venom - New, Live, and Rare - 1998

New, Live, and Rare cover (Click to see larger picture)
Best of/Compilation, Dead Line/Cleopatra

Double CD best of, with previously unreleased material.
Disc 1
1.Harder Than Ever (Live)02:47
2.Skeletal Dance03:08
3.Speed King (Deep Purple cover)03:31
4.Welcome To Hell02:41
5.Blackend Are The Priests03:33
7.Carnivorous (Live)02:03
8.Die Hard02:53
9.Hell Bent For Leather (Live Judas Priest cover)02:21
10.Burstin' Out (Live)02:48
Disc 2
1.Prime Evil04:41
2.Black Metal (Live)00:50
3.Megalomania (Black Sabbath cover)05:26
4.Faerie Tale04:25
5.Civilized (Live)02:32
7.Temples Of Ice06:37
8.Angel Dust02:36
9.Teacher's Pet (Live)02:36
10.Witching Hour (Live)03:14
Total playing time01:07:47


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