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Venom - From Heaven to the Unknown - 1999

From Heaven to the Unknown cover (Click to see larger picture)

Best of/Compilation, Snapper Music

This compilation is apparently, but not officially a Part 2 of the first venom
compilation "From Hell to the Unknown". This compilation is issued under
liscense from "Men From the North" Country of Origin: UK - Made in the EU

Interesting facts : Song 13 of the 1st CD is called ''Satanachist'' but in the
backcover, it's called ''Santachrist'.

Included in the cd Inlay is a small biography on Venom.
Disc 1
1.Welcome to Hell03:15
2.Witching Hour03:40
3.Angel Dust02:53
4.Red Light Fever05:14
5.Black Metal03:45
6.Buried Alive04:19
7.Teacher's Pet04:46
8.Countess Bathory03:44
9.Don't Burn the Witch/At War With Satan - Preview05:35
10.Rip Ride03:09
11.Cry Wolf04:20
12.Women, Leather and Hell03:21
17.Too Loud For The Crowd03:02
Disc 2
1.In League With Satan03:28
2.Live Like an Angel, Die Like a Devil03:48
4.In Nomine Satanas03:28
5.Die Hard03:02
6.Acid Queen02:28
7.Bursting Out02:55
9.Lady Lust02:46
10.The Seven Gates of Hell05:28
12.Dead of the Nite03:48
13.Dead on Arrival03:07
14.Hounds of Hell03:21
15.Bitch Witch03:07
17.Black Metal03:59
18.Snots Shit02:10
Total playing time02:05:18

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