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Evol (Ita) - The Tale of the Horned King - 1993

The Tale of the Horned King cover (Click to see larger picture)

Demo, Self Released
November 3rd, 1993

Drums and bass guitar played on this demo by Lord of Sorrow

Recorded at Open Studio in Padova

The 4 songs here are all included in the Cd ‘The
Saga of the Horned King’, released by Adipocere Records in 1995.

Lyrics of this demo deal with the painful conditions of the Noble Souls, bound
live in a decadent period of History, but with the hope of a forthcoming
New Age, in which Truth will be the Ruler. The Need of Occult, the waiting
for a Guide, the hatred against the present society and the living sorrow
are all well painted by both music and lyrics.
1.The Chant Of The Witch04:27
2.Prologue (Waiting For His Comming)03:02
3.The Return Of The Horned King05:59
4.Sorrow Of The Witch01:27
Total playing time14:55


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