viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Evol (Ita) - The Dark Dreamquest Part I - 1994

The Dark Dreamquest Part I cover (Click to see larger picture)
Demo, Maggot Production

Bass guitar played on this demo by Lord of Sorrow

Recorded at Open Studio in Padova.

It contains four tracks on side A and one bonus track on side B.
This is the first professional release from EVOL, with professional cover and
booklet. It has sold 1000 copies and now is sold-out.

New versions of the songs from Side A were included in the Cd Dreamquest.
1.The Dark Dreamquest (Intro)02:15
2.The Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul02:13
3.The Ancient King Of Ice04:04
4.The Awakening01:26
Total playing time19:03

Download here

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