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Evol (Ita) - Dies Irae - 2001

Dies Irae cover (Click to see larger picture)
Best of/Compilation, Black Tears Of Death / Beyond

1-4 "The Tale of the Horned King" Demo I, 1993
5-8 "The Dark Dreamquest, Part I" Demo II, 1994
9-11 Bonus Tracks
1.The Chant of the Witch04:27
2.Prologue (Waiting for His Coming)03:02
3.The Return of the Horned King05:59
4.Sorrow of the Witch01:28
5.The Dark Dreamquest (Intro)02:24
6.A Sad Doom of a Dark Soul (Chutulusumgal`s Presence)02:22
7.The Ancient King of Ice (Mighty Yugsuduk)04:16
8.The Awakening (Outro)01:34
9.Witchlord (Bonus)09:26
10.Sorrow of the Witch (Live)05:29
11.Saga of the Horned King (Live)02:41
Total playing time43:08


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