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Brimstone (Swe) - Carving A Crimson Career - 1998

Carving A Crimson Career cover (Click to see larger picture)
Brimstone (Swe) members (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, TPL
March 7th, 1998

Later re-released by Nuclear Blast with different cover artwork in a digipack.

Music and lyrics by Daniel Grahn and Jan-Erik Persson
Recorded at Studio Nextdoor, Kristinehamn
Engineered and mixed by Ola larsson
A&R: Andy Siry
All vocals by Jan-Erik Persson
Guitars and bass by Daniel Grahn (except track 8: acoustic guitar by S. Myren)
Drums and all other sounds played and programmed by Ola Larsson
Coverpicture by Alf Johnsson
Bandphoto by Lena Lonnhag
1.Breaking The Waves03:49
2.Pagan Sons06:06
4.Carving A Crimson Career05:18
5.King Of My Kind04:41
6.Tunes Of Thunder05:25
7.Heavy Metal Kid04:07
8.Welcome To The Night05:39
Total playing time39:58

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