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Root - Zjevení / The Revelation (1990)

Zjevení / The Revelation cover (Click to see larger picture)

Full-length, Zeras
December 1990

There's a rare, but still sometimes available English language version of this
album called "The Revelation", released by Sheer records in '91. The English
version also has a track list which is a little bit different than the one that
can be found here. We kept the English translations next to their original Czech

Reissued in 1999 with
The Temple In The Underworld on a double CD
collection by Redblack Productions with bonus track:
9. Démon / Demon

Re-released by I Hate Records in July 2009 with the following bonus tracks:
12. Démon / Demon
13. Dogra’s Empire (Version 1993)
14. Volání o pomoc (Live)
15. Upáleni (Live)
16. 7 černých jezdců (Live)

A music video for "Hřbitov / Cemetery" was made.
1.Intro / Intro-X..Enochian Key01:48
2.Zjevení / The Revelation04:34
3.Aralyon / Aralyon03:09
4.Výslech / Torture01:16
5.Upálení / Burn Death04:04
6.Píseň pro Satana / Song for Satan02:49
7.666 / 66602:55
8.7 černých jezdců / Seven Black Horsemen03:06
9.Znamení / A Sign03:36
10.Cesta zkázy / The Way of ...06:35
11.Hřbitov / Cemetery03:48
Total playing time37:40
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