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Root - The Temple in the Underworld - 1992

The Temple in the Underworld cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Monitor
December 1992

Original CD bonus tracks:
11. My Deep Mystery [5:03]
12. Freebee [1:18]

Re-released in 1999 with Zjeveni as a double CD collection by Redblack
Productions with bonus tracks:
13. Dogrova Rise
14. Poselstvo Temnot

Re-released by I Hate Records in July 2009 with the following bonus tracks:
11. My Deep Mystery
12. Freebee
13. Poslové & Temnot (Version 1993)
14. My Name... (Version 2001)
15. The Old Ones (Live)

Re-released as 12"DLP (250 black, 250 grey) by The Crypt in 2009. Included in
all 500 copies is a huge, luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of
the Jiri Sujan artwork + classic band photos, a 1.5" round full color button,
logo sticker and logo patch.

This release contains following bonus-tracks:
11. My Deep Mystery
12. Freebee
13. The Old Ones (Live Prague 2004)
14. Lucifer (live Brno 1998)
15. Volani o pomoc (Live Brno 1998)
16. Drogova Rise
17. Poselstvo Temnot (1993 version)
18. My Name... (2001 version)

A music video "Aposiopesis" was made.
2.Casilda's Song04:49
3.The Temple in the Underworld05:05
5.The Solitude03:44
6.Voices from...01:28
7.The Wall07:56
8.The Old Ones04:53
10.My Name...05:25
Total playing time57:12

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