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Root - Madness of the Graves - 2003

Madness of the Graves cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Redblack
December 10th, 2003

Re-released in 2005 by Monster Nation on LP, limited to 500 copies
2.Then (The Tale About Destiny)05:55
3.Madness of The Graves (Calling)02:34
4.Talking Bones (The Story of Legacy)04:15
5.Endowment (Refused Message)06:07
6.Tree (Power of Calling)03:21
7.Autumn (Legend About Life)04:17
8.In the Heart of Darkness (Ballad of Ancient Realms)05:32
9.The Last Gate (The Story of Demons)06:21
10.Afterwards (The Tale at the End)04:52
Total playing time45:08

2003 - Madness Of The Graves

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