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Root - The Book - 1999

The Book cover (Click to see larger picture)
Full-length, Red Black
June 24th, 1999

Re-released by I Hate Records in December 2008 with the following bonus tracks:
12. The Curse - Durron (Pre-Production)
13. Lykorian (Demo Version 1)
14. Lykorian (Demo Version 2)
15. Corabeu - Part One (Demo Version)
1.The Book05:52
2.The Mystical Words of the Wise06:07
3.The Curse - Durron06:22
5.Corabeu - Part One04:07
6.Corabeu - Part Two05:04
7.The Birth04:38
9.The Message of the Time07:46
10.Remember Me!03:41
11.Darkoutro - ...Toccata - Prestissimo Molto05:19
Total playing time56:00

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