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Marduk (Swe) - Here's No Peace - 1997

Here's No Peace cover (Click to see larger picture)

EP, Shadow Records
October 1997

Line Up:
Andreas Axelsson - Vocals
Morgan Steinmeyer Hakansson - Guitar
Rickard Kalm - Bass
Joakim Gothberg - Drums

The photo shows a German Panzer IV tank during the offensive on Crimea
Penninsula in 1942.

Recorded December 1991 at Hellspawn studios as a 7" single (which never came
out, only the adv. tape went into the tapetrading underground), finally released
on CD in 1997 by Shadow Records & again in 1998 with 2 bonus tracks by Blooddawn
Productions/Regain Rec. as Digipak-CD limited to 5000 copies, a 10"-LP (limited
to 500 copies) and a 12"-Picture LP (also limited to 500 copies) including a

Bonus tracks (both Bathory covers):

4. In Conspiracy With Satan (2:20)
5. Woman Of Dark Desires (4:31)
1.Here's No Peace00:44
2.Still Fucking Dead03:04
3.Within the Abyss03:43
Total playing time07:31

[2001] Marduk - Here's No Peace (Reissue Digipack MCD)

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